International Trade Show for Plastics, Petrochemicals, Packaging & Rubber Industry

15-18 November 2021
DWTC, Dubai, UAE

15-18 November 2021, DWTC, Dubai

15th International Trade Show on Plastics, Petrochemicals, Packaging & Rubber

Introducing Plastics Recycling

Matching European Timelines

The Middle East has tremendous potential for the recycling business, and the list of recycling opportunities in the Middle East is limitless! And although in its infancy, the development opportunities are high as the government has accorded the permission to set up recycling plants.

With a provision of long-term predictable regulatory legal framework, there will be enormous investment from the US and Europe.

The local recycling units need to have modern machinery and technical know-how, a sound system and an optimum level of production which is the main goal of the Recycling Zone + Technical Seminar during ArabPlast in 2021!


  • The Middle East shares 35 percent of world's oil production. Gulf petchems industry valued at US$25Bn ie. 12 percent of global market share.
  • Rising population is one of the major components for increase in domestic demand.
  • Industries such as aviation and other transport too constitute to the growning demand.
  • Only 8% is being recycled regionally given the fact that some of the plastic is 100 percent recyclable, like mineral water bottles . By way of recycling process, few companies in the UAE have started to include car tyres to be transformed into jogger tracks and rubber tiles through plastic recycling.
  • Saudi Arbia has the regions highest capacity of petrochemical production which reflects in a high density of plastic waste.
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Dear Exhibitors and Visitors,

Life and work has taken a complete different course and the last few months have put a huge impact on all of us due to Corona Virus Pandemic.

To ensure the health and safety of exhibitors and visitors. Given the further analysis of the current situation and the restrictions causing travel challenges to our overseas exhibitors and buyers, The ArabPlast exhibition, originally due to take place from 9th – 12th January 2021 in DWTC – Dubai , has been postponed to 15th – 18th of November 2021.

ArabPlast will always be your solid business partner. Al Fajer Information & Services team and our official agents worldwide will always be at your service and support in preparing for the rescheduled show.

Thank you for your kind understanding. Should there be anything we could be of assistance, kindly do not hesitate to contact us on:

Yours sincerely,

AL FAJER Information & Services
Dubai – United Arab Emirates